Telescopes (sold or no longer used)

My first astronomical telescope was a Vixen 90/1000 FH refractor with a Vixen Super Polaris Mount. (broken)

Intes MK-65M
It was a great workmanship, robust, optical perfect. (sold)

Early astrophotography

6″ Photonewton
Made with MEADE mirrors and MEADE focuser. A blue GEAX tube mount on a Vixen Super Polaris (disposed)

Orion UK 8″ Europa Newton
This was one of their first series and the primary mirror was really bad. (disposed)

Celestron Comet Catcher
I bought this scope second hand. It’s goal was to image all Messier Objects with the Audine CCD within a year. (sold)

Homemade Dobson Telescopes for visual astronomy

Optical components were bought, design and creation by me


12″ Dobson with a equatorial plattform, Gee System. (sold)

18″ Dobson (sold)

10″ Dobson with full tube. (sold)