Telescopes (sold or no longer used)

Skywatcher Esprit 100

The Skywatcher Esprit 100 is a triplet apo suitable for full frame cameras. It came with a complete package: finderscope, tube rings, all adapters for photography like an M48 adapter, Canon M48 ring and a special designed field flattner. Unlike the FSQ106 the temperature drift nearly close to none. The first light was in May 2014 imaging the antares region. Many images made with this scope are in my STL11000 gallery. In October 2019 a myFocuserPro1 was added to the scope. I sold my SBIG 11k in 2021.
My new ASI6200 CMOS is a great successor of the SBIG. Sold in 2023.

My first astronomical telescope was a Vixen 90/1000 FH refractor with a Vixen Super Polaris Mount. (broken)

Intes MK-65M
It was a great workmanship, robust, optical perfect. (sold)

Early astrophotography

6″ Photonewton
Made with MEADE mirrors and MEADE focuser. A blue GEAX tube mount on a Vixen Super Polaris (disposed)

Orion UK 8″ Europa Newton
This was one of their first series and the primary mirror was really bad. (disposed)

Celestron Comet Catcher
I bought this scope second hand. It’s goal was to image all Messier Objects with the Audine CCD within a year. (sold)

Homemade Dobson Telescopes for visual astronomy

Optical components were bought, design and creation by me


12″ Dobson with a equatorial plattform, Gee System. (sold)

18″ Dobson (sold)

10″ Dobson with full tube. (sold)