Object: NGC1499, California Nebula
Date2/Location2: 2017-10-18, Zirndorf
Optic: Skywatcher Esprit 100/550 Refractor
Flatner: Skywatcher Esprit 100/550 Flattner
Filter: Baader 50mm LRGB
Camera: SBIG STL11000M C2 at -20°C
Capture/Guiding: Nebulosity3, PHD2
Exposure: Ha 24x10min, 118x Bias, 31x Darks, 27x Flat
Color was optained from a previous image:
Date1/Location1: 2016-12-30, Zirndorf
Optic: BA200 (200/584mm Newton f/2.9) + Newtonmaster, ASA 0,73x Newton Coma Corrector
Camera: Moravian G2 8300 @-30°C, EFW-2S-10, Moravian OAG
Filter: Baader 36mm Filter, Ha, SII, OIII
Exposure: Ha 20x8min, SII 7x8min, OIII 7x8min, 21x Dark, 203x Bias, 51x Flat(Ha), 51x Flat(OIII)
Guiding: QHY5L-II, PHD2
Image Processing (Date2)
Pixinsight: ImageCalibration, CosmeticCorrection, ImageRegistration (BicubicSpline CT=0,1), ImageIntegration,
MureDenoise, ImageRegistration (and rescaling) of color image from Date1
ST: DigitalDevelopment, Tracking, NoiseReduction, Mask, Magic (StarShrink)
not for all versions
PS: artificial expansion of color data (color image had a smaller field of view), maskedHueSaturation,
maskedDynamic, LuminanceLayer, maskedSoftLight, maskedBlend of color image, Levels, Curves, unsharpMasking
This is a starless H-Alpha version